About FL Teams

On October 5, 2020, FL Teams was created by CEO Isaac Edelman. FL Teams is the BEST Florida Sports Source to find the latest news, analysis and opinion covering ALL Florida Sports!

Mission Statement

FL Teams is dedicated to providing in-depth analysis and coverage for ALL Florida Sports including college and professional teams.

Our Authors


Founder and CEO

Aspiring Sports Broadcaster and Writer who loves ALL South Florida Sports teams!

Connor Cornwell


Nathan Chartier

Brad Smith

Royce Dickson-Child

James Dalton

Hockey Writer from Ontario, Canada

Finnegan Courtney

Lukas Verstegen

Drew Roberts

Huge Florida Gators Fan born in Virginia, but raised in Boca Raton, Florida!

Jack Morgan

Aspriring Broadcaster who love all sports and writing about them!

Rick Istvan

Lucas Roach

Big Football Fan and Aspiring Sports Analyst from Oregon, Ohio

Tyler Carmona

Born and Raised in Miami, Florida. Attends the University of St Francis as a Wide Receiver

Lauren Burg

Huge Tampa Bay Lightning fan and aspiring Sports Journalist from the Tampa Bay Area